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Inno-Sign  is based  in Denmark, and  our  products  has  presence  throughout  Europe. With Inno-Sign you  will  find  everything  related  to  electronic  price and way-finding  signs.. The  entire production  process  of  displays  takes  place  in  Denmark. From  here  we  supply  and  have realized  many projects for numerous of the  leading and international brands within Intelligent Traffic Systems and Petrol providers.

Petrol Sign Displays

The Inno-Sign  pricedisplay is a state of the art product. The innovative technology comes from more than 20 years of industry-specific know-how. Our price displays are designed to provide optimum cost performance with no compromise on quality. All over Europe our tough and reliable displays are in daily use and everything from design, research, development, installation and maintenance is offered from our company in Denmark.

Way finding Displays

Dynamic displays with information for parking customers affecting their route choice and will reduce their time spend to and in parking garages  and will even contribute to a more efficient traffic-flow.

Inno-Sign provides LED display for parking signs and we have several solutions depending on your needs. Our systems can function as a simple Stand-Alone or even as a more advanced with GPRS data-interaction or being connected to a larger network.

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